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The Truth About Your Dry Hair | Answering Your Questions | Hair Science

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Your Hair Isn't Part 2. Hair Science Exposes Dry Hair Lies. Check out Part 1:
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Last video we talked about how dry hair and moisturized hair don't mean what we thought! Your friendly neighborhood real life Rapunzel is here with the hair science to help you on your hair journey. I've dug through even more peer-reviewed journals, notes from my trichology certification courses, and hair science textbooks to get you all the best scientific information on dry hair and hair moisturizing, and today I'm answering all of your questions about dry hair, moisturized hair, hydrating hair, and basically everything you guys kept asking in the last video.

Last time we discussed the truth about hygral fatigue, protein overload natural hair, moisture overload, balancing protein and moisture in your hair, and what it actually means to have dry hair. Today we'll go more into terms you hear in skincare like moisturizing and hydrating, and we'll even talk about skincare terms like humectants, occlusives, and emollients get pulled into haircare (even though they really make more sense in skincare).

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00:00 Intro
00:30 Recap
00:47 What is Conditioner?
02:05 Hair Quiz
03:15 Hair Damage
04:03 Frizz & Humidity
05:23 Other "Dry" Hair Causes
05:49 Why does it matter?
06:46 Does what you eat & drink affect hair?
07:24 Are my hair products bad?
07:46 Missing the Main Point
08:06 Moisture, Oil, & Hydration
09:07 Scientists Confirm Hair Doesn't Need Water
10:42 Humectants, Occlusives, & Emollients
12:23 Moisture Overload
12:33 Why does Protein-Moisture Balance work for some?
13:51 Hair Care Ingredients
15:37 4A, 4B, & 4C Hair
16:45 What SHOULD You Do For Your Hair
18:02 Conclusion
18:41 Bloopers

This past year we've been busting hair myths with science not just to help me on my natural hair journey, but more importantly, to help you guys on your hair journeys. Whether you want waist-length natural hair, hip-length hair, hair to the floor, or just want to learn about hair and maybe keep yours a little healthier, hope this helps you see how to look at "hair moisturizer" treatments and "dry hair" so you can reach all your hair goals!

Chemical and Physical Behavior of Human Hair 5th Edition Clarence R. Robbins. You can buy it here: (but it's super expensive!)
Journal of Cosmetics & Toiletries, Moisturized Hair Myth:
Shampoo pH study:
Discovering Cosmetic Science by the Royal Society of Chemistry:

Credentials? I'm not a hair scientist, but I get my information from them. My sources primarily come from hair science textbooks and lectures from hair researchers. I will cite studies from scientific journals, but unless you have science education and background, it's important to get extra context from books, lectures, and experts to avoid misinterpreting them. I also have a Master of Science in Marketing that focused on Consumer Research and Statistics, and I recently earned my Hair Practitioner Certification from the International Association of Trichologists.

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