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The Supremes ~ Back In My Arms Again 1965 Soul Purrfection Version

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I got the sad news that Motown icon Mary Wilson passed away on February 8, 2021. Mary Wilson was born March 6, 1944 to Sam & Johnnie Mae Wilson in Greenville, Mississippi the oldest of three children. The family moved around until they moved to the Brewster-Douglas Housing Project neighborhood in Detroit, Michigan.

She met Florence Ballard in elementary school during a school talent show one night. They became fast friends, harmonizing together so well that when Florence got Mary to audition for Milton Jenkins, he hired her immediately.

Milton felt that a female counterpart to his male vocal group The Primes was a good idea and dubbed Mary Wilson, Florence Ballard, Betty McGlown and Diane Ross as The Primettes. They recorded three songs before recording a hit with ""I Want A Guy" as The Supremes.

Mary Wilson wrote about her life in Dreamgirl, My Life As A Supreme in 1986 and it was a story told with class and honesty. She was the only original member who stayed with the group from 1961 to 1977. Everyone knew she was the glue that held the group together right from the start.

I was working on this for next Monday, but here is, "Back In My Arms Again" a joyous romp of a tune that name checked Mary and Flo giving the fans a thrill to hear Diana sing those lyrics, like an inside joke thingy.

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