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MEGA Grocery Haul OCTOBER! Large Family, Once-A-Month Shopping, Healthy Food

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We shopped for almost all of our food at the beginning of the month so that food is made simple the rest of the month! This saves us a lot of time and money. We are a large family of 12 people and we require a lot of food. Today you can see what we bought to get through the month for our entire family and find out if we stayed in our monthly grocery budget!

See how exactly we plan our menu and grocery lists to make this mega-shopping possible!

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Thanks for watching!

Judah - 16
Belle (Isabelle) - 15
Luka - 13
Micah - 12
Tori (Victory) - 9
Eli - 8
Noelle - 5
Hope - 3
Destiny - 2
Seth - 10 months old

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