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Hair Scientists react to Sarah Ingle hair science // Moisturized Hair is the biggest hair LIE?!

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Myself (a trichologist) and my colleague (a trichologist & biomedical scientist) react to a Sarah Ingle hair science video - specifically the one about how moisturized hair is the biggest hair lie. Does this really make sense? Lots of great insights in this video - must watch!

DISCLAIMER: I am only reacting to snippets of Sarah’s amazingly detailed video. I strongly encourage you to head over to her channel and watch the full video here - I promise you won’t regret it:
Consider subscribing too whilst you’re there - she’s almost at 100k so I’m sure she’ll appreciate the support!

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How to keep your natural hair moisturized:
Signs of protein sensitive hair:
How to prevent heat damage on your hair:

Usually, I’m the one nerding out on scientific studies about hair, but today I’m trying something different. At the request of a lovely subscriber, I am reacting to someone else's video on hair science. Specifically, I’m watching and commenting on Sarah Ingle’s most recent video on how moisturized hair is the biggest hair lie. So if you were looking for information on how to fix dry hair or how to moisturize hair, then it’s a good thing you’ve found this very insightful video on what you need to know about moisturising hair. In a world where we are all prone to misinformation/miseducation it’s nice to discuss these topics and shed some more light on the science behind the hair care that we all know and love!

00:00 Intro
02:04 What is moisturized hair, anyways?!
03:28 The problem with "moisturizing" products
09:17 The problem with Protein-Moisture Balance + Hygral Fatigue
13:31 Protein overload - is it even real?
16:03 Reason 1 why I don't 100% agree
16:51 Discussing with another scientist
19:51 More reasons & studies to support why I do not fully agree
21:10 My Final Thoughts

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