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Frostbite - Space Engineers Scenario #1

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Спасибо! Поделитесь с друзьями!


Вам не понравилось видео. Спасибо за то что поделились своим мнением!

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This is the first part of a playthrough of the new Frostbite scenario that comes with the new DLC for Space Engineers. Capac and I played it on stream and I wanted to edit it down for those who prefer this format over a VOD.

I'm going to continue to edit and release these over the coming weeks as I've got about 6 hours of footage so it'll help when I don't get time to record due to work (I work in healthcare so things are getting busier).

Hope you all enjoy it and if you'd like to see Capac's perspective in full head on over to his YouTube channel at :)

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