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Amazing Science Toys/Gadgets 6

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New Video ????????

Hi Everyone :)
Welcome back!

I get asked often: "Where did you get all this stuff?" My goal is to share the real magic of science and physics- and to this end I will update here (and in my store) suggestions on where to get some of these toys, kinetic art pieces, and scientific curiosities for yourself.
Purchasing items from the links on these pages will help support my IG page of science and wonder.

Buy physicsfun toys on : (Official websit ????????)

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???????? This video contains and involves phenomena in each clips :

00:00 Intro

00:02 Niji Cube: a stunning kinetic art object constructed from acrylic and thin layers of plastic diffraction grating. Just add a white light source to produce an explosion of vivid colors.
(optics, acrylic art, kinetic sculpture, rainbow, cube, diffraction, physicsfun, spectrum, physics, interference, continous spectra, science)

00:38 Neon Plasma Glass: these double walled glass mugs glow orange and blue from the excitation spectrum of neon gas at low pressure.
(tesla, plasma, plasma ball, physics, physics toy, emission spectra, electro magnetism, glow discharge, high voltage, science is awesome)

01:57 Frabjous Geometric Sculpture Puzzle: 30 identical laser cut acrylic pieces interlock into 12 interconnected five point stars (each with a spiral vortex center)
(physics, frabjous, great rhombic triacontahedron, math sculpture, geometric art, geometry puzzle, dodecahedron)

02:36 Copycoder: clever use of an array of cylindrical lenses to scramble and unscramble large font messages- a modern "secret code" toy. Invented by Steve Ostler from the UK. Fun!
(copycoder, optics, physics, science toy)

02:58 50|50 Cube: a handheld study in material density contrast. This precision machined block is comprised of equal 200g masses of the metals tungsten (W) and magnesium (Mg)
(density, tungsten, science is awesome)

03:38 Floating Yen: the surface tension of water is strong enough to suspend the aluminum coin!
(science, surface tension, density, fluidstatics, cohesion, bar tricks)

04:29 Teleidoscope with Reflective Diffraction Disk: a teleidoscope is like a kaleidoscope but with a lens on the end, such that the kaleidoscopic image is formed by whatever is put in front of it. (diffraction, interference, physics, physics toy, kinetic art, rainbow, iridescent, iridescence, angular momentum, inertia, spinning top)

05:06 Infinity Cube Sculpture: crafted from solid stainless steel
(math, infinity cube, math sculpture, polygon, regular polygon)

05:32 Trapped Sphere in Cube: a surprising aspect of the geometry of spheres and cubes
(physicsfun, physics toy, geometry, allincage, wood working, curiosities)

05:51 Geissler Tube with Fluorescent Minerals: Five fluorescent minerals glow from bombardment by a stream of electrons in this antique physics apparatus.
(geissler tube, crookes tube, fluorescent mineral, fluore scence, vacuum tube, ccny)

06:33 The Holoscope Icosahedron: the intricate beauty of multiple internal reflections from 20 triangular mirrors in the shape of this famous platonic solid.
(kaleidoscope, mirrors, reflection, multiple reflection, geometry, platonic solid, optics, light, infinity)



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#science #physics #satisfying

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